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Formed by the Fox River and molded by time the 1000 Islands area was home to several bands of Native Americans, who found fish, game and shelter in abundance.

In 1969, the City of Kaukauna officially created the 1000 Islands Conservancy Zone by setting aside 240 acres of woodland and river area.

The 1000 Islands Environmental Center was established adjacent to the zone in 1976 as part of the City's celebration of the nations bicentennial.

The center continues to grow both in quality and services. Miles of boardwalk trails have been constructed to provide access for all individuals. Some of the trails follow deer paths and others wander along the shores of the river.

1000 Islands offers many opportunities to enjoy nature:
• Hiking
• Cross country skiing
• Snowshoeing
• Canoeing
• Great blue herons, owls, bitterns, teal coot, ducks and many migratory song birds
• Hundreds of acres of waterfowl nesting area
• Nature Studies
• Butterfly Garden
• Chinquapin Oaks
• Whitetail deer herd
• Mink, muskrat, raccoon, and woodchuck
• Scenic overlooks
• Large display of North American, Asian and African mounted animals
• Spring Art Fair
• Pair of nesting eagles
• Fishing pier
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